What makes Senscience different from other hair care lines?

Senscience is a complete but rather compact exclusive hair care line that provides the hairdresser with all the necessary shampoos, conditioners, intensive treatments. Styling & finishing products to obtain luxurious, healthy looking hair with the perfect end result.

The Senscience range is a high-end product line with a most unique and exclusive image and formula that distinguishes itself from other lines with a strong, exclusive, attractive story. A powerful technology and a strong education concept supported with products that deliver the best performance.

The Senscience products are categorized which makes it easy to use and understand them for both the hairdresser and the client.

Why do the Renew Shine Serum and the True Hue not have the Vitalock-6 Complex inside? Which is then the alternative complex or ingredient that gives these products the same benefits as the Vitalock-6 gives in the other products?

Renew Shine Serum and True Hue are anhydrous (don't contain water), silicone based formulas that are not compatible with the Vitalock-6 Complex because many of the ingredients in Vitalock-6 have water in them or are the carriers for them. Both of these products contain Vitamins A. E and Silk Protein instead which are all compatible with the anhydrous silicone systems that protect the hair from environmental damages and sun damage while helping to strengthen the hair. When used in conjunction with other Senscience products, the hair will receive all the benefits of the Vitaloc-6 complex.

Are all the Senscience shampoos, conditioners, treatments, styling and finishing products for all colour-treated hair, including bright reds? Will none of the products remove colour?

The Sensceince products have always been designed for use on clients with colour-treated hair, so they are safe to use on colored hair.

It is recommended to wait at least 1 week prior to using Refine Purifying Treatment or C.P.R. after a chemical service. This will allow the perm, relaxer or color to fully set into the hair before providing a specialized intensive treatment.

What is Bio-structurer®?

Bio-sturcturer® is an extract from a specific type of red sea weed (Rhodophycea) which grows primarily in Senegal. Bio-structurer® protects hair and smoothes down the cuticle.

Are the products tested on animals?

No, the Senscience products are not tested on animals.

Can Senscience be used on the entire family? Also children?

Yes, it can be used by the entire family, including children. But we do not recommend using it on babies, as the products are not tear-free.

Can the Senscience Styling & Finishing products be used in all kinds of combinations?

The styling and finishing products can be used in a wide variety of combinations. This allows total creativity freedom for the stylist.

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